Nicknamed the "The Hurricane" by his former guitar mentor, the legendary Ted Greene, guitarist/composer Mark Fitchett is an accomplished artist who’s compositional, and improvisational skills cross multiple musical boundaries. Through his original music, as well as his interpretations of jazz, blues, and rock standards, Fitchett’s ferocious approach to his guitar and vocals adds an exciting intensity to his ensemble and solo performances.


Personal Guitar Training

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Composition, Improvisation, Songwriting

Beyond the basics many musicians feel that they aren't progressing fast enough in their knowledge and playing abilities; or that what they've learned seems scattered and unrelated. I can create a custom program designed to fill in the gaps.

My instruction covers blues, rock and jazz improvisation, performance skills, and practical music theory.

Areas of study include improvisational techniques, scales beyond the basic major and minor, phrasing, chord progressions, progressive scale techniques, arpeggios, intervals, advanced chord construction, rhythm, scale and chord theory, definitions, transposition and musical styles.


Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, Jam Band


Jazz Chord Melody, Fusion/Metal Jazz, Standards Jazz, Improvisation in all styles

Three Questions Often Asked About Teaching Guitar

Why do you like teaching?

It feels good to pass on the knowledge I have gained over the past three plus decades

and to be able to offer my years of insight and experience to hopefully guide the student

on to a shorter path to their ultimate musical goals.

What inspires you about teaching?

When I see a student suddenly get that light in their eyes when they finally get it. That “aha”

moment really motivates me and their excitement excites me and tells me that I am doing

something really worthwhile for them. I also believe that having the ability to play music makes

a  person's life richer.

What do you want to give to student?

I want to inspire and motivate my students to have a fun and enjoyable learning experience

and to develop a lifelong passion for music.


















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Available Tracks

Blues Vol. 1

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Blues Vol. 2

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Rock Vol. 1

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Easily Change the Key or Tempo including Chord Charts in Every Key

Choose from our ever expanding backing tracks library of styles & grooves

Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country...

Change keys and tempos and chord charts.

New music is being added all the time.

These high quality, professionally produced backing tracks are not midi or sequencer based.

They have been produced with real live studio musicians, so the feel is real.

Much thought and consideration has been put into each one of the backing tracks to make

them representative of the many diverse elements found in guitar-driven music. (keyboardists and horn

players love these backing tracks as well)

"Being a pro guitarist, I know what I like when it comes to jamming with a band so it is with

utmost confidence that I can say that my Pro Band Backing Tracks groove and inspire. I’ll admit I

am biased, after all I did create them, but l absolutely love playing and practicing to them

myself and use them all the time."

Mark Fitchett-Producer




If you are a musician who is learning to improvise, there is nothing greater than jamming with live musicians.

However, when your band is not available when the you feel like throwing down some licks Pro Band backing tracks

is the answer. It's like a band in your pocket..