Pro Band Backing Tracks Demos: Rock Volume 1

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Run That Way "Funk/Rock" Tempo=100

Be the envy of every up and coming guitar hero as you show them what it really takes to master the instrument. Strut your stuff on this slamming rock/funk track and watch your audience rush the stage as you bombard them with a sonic assault of classic riffage that would make even the legends themselves sit up and take notice. Use the basic E minor pentatonic scale to sound like a classic rocker. The E blues and E minor Dorian scales are also an easy fit in this classic rock chord progression.

Carlos Town “Latin Rock” Tempo=145

You can’t help but get hot with your screaming guitar solos when you are being pushed over the rhythmic edge with syncopated Latin percussion mixed with a driving rock and roll beat. In this Latin rock track use the basic E minor pentatonic and E blues scale to start the blood boiling, but don’t stop there. Wielding the E minor Dorian scale with send the message out to everyone that you are more than just a pentatonic object.

Knives & Daffodils “90's Hair Rock” Tempo=120

You’ll need security as your rabid fans rush the stage in anticipation of your lead guitar extravaganza over this up-tempo rock & roll track. Slide to the front of the stage on your knees, throw your head back, close your eyes and let the notes fly from your fingers. Leave the audience screaming for more.


Which One Is Pink? Tempo=80

See the lighters come out when your soaring notes sing on top of this stadium power rock ballad. You don’t need to play fast and flashy right away. Wait for it, hold back! Wait for it more, and then unleash the fury and passion as you build to an amazing climax. Just listen to your adoring fans scream for more. Use the basic E minor pentatonic scale and sound like a classic rocker. The E blues and E minor Dorian scales can easily make themselves at home in this standard rock chord progression.


Bob Call The Police Tempo=60

Groove “like you never did before” on this reggae rock hybrid. Feel the rhythm of the islands as the music makes you want to get up and dance your fingers across the fretboard. The audience is mellow so just keep it in the pocket and “groove mon.” Just don’t shoot no sheriff’s (or deputies).


Endless Surf   Tempo=160

Surf’s up dude! Crank up the reverb and tremolo and wipe-out the competition on this gnarly surf rock tune. The hodads will be stoked as you hang four (fingers) and start ripping on some totally outrageous shredding riffs. You’ll feel like you are shooting the curl.  Tubular!


Headbanger's Brawl Tempo=145

This one’s a slamming heavy rock pounder. If you like bands like Judas Priest, Metallica, Ozzy or any of those classic rock/metal bands, then turn up your Marshall stacks to 11, crank up the distortion to the max, and let ‘er rip! Use the basic E minor pentatonic scale and sound like a classic rocker. The E blues and E minor Aeolian scales are also favored weapons of mass sonic destruction.


Go Joe Tempo=100

You’re on an endless stretch of desert highway, and they’ve taken down all of the speed limit signs. It pedal to the metal time, or in your case its metal through a pedal. Crank up that distortion all the way and we’ll pray for your neighbors as your tear a new door into your room with a sonic battering ram of guitar virtuosity. Or, play it slow and bluesy and make your axe sing on this progressive metal rock track. Use the basic E minor pentatonic or E blues scales and you’ll go far. Unleash the power of the E minor Phrygian scales and you’ll be skate-boarding with the aliens.


Thrash Your Punk Tempo=175

Snub authority, tell them how really feel as you thrash out those way too loud, smashed up blues licks. Whip the pit into a frenzy as you destroy the basic E minor pentatonic and E blues scales on this post-punk progression. This is not the time for well dressed manners. For added rips and tears, stage dive into some E Aeolian madness and don’t hold back.