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Alligator Juice 12-bar blues with a hybrid funk New Orleans groove. Even the alligators will sit up and take notice (just don’t let them get too close), when you get down and dirty on this swampy hybrid New Orleans groove. Sneak a little Mixolydian hoodoo, and some blues scale voodoo into the major and minor pentatonic stew and listen to the magic happen.


All The Sad Songs 12-bar minor blues with a 12-8 feel. When everything’s gone bad, and you really need to cry the blues nothing beats a slow minor 12/8 feel. The only thing that ever goes right on this jam is your soulful wailing on the minor pentatonic and blues scales. A shot of Dorian and Aeolian may not bring back your baby, but will certainly help ease the pain.


Blue Dog 12-bar blues with a 50's Elvis shuffle rock feel. You ain’t nothin’ but a blues dog, wailin’ all the time. Especially when you start howling out those classic blues riffs on this 1950’s inspired rock blues track. Besides the perennially favorite minor pentatonic, you’ll find the blues scale and various major pentatonic and Mixolydian scales will provide you with plenty of ideas to make this track rock.


Blue House 12-bar blues with a really slow 12-8 feel. See that house over yonder? Well you’re baby ain’t there no more so just get over it. Or better yet make your guitar cry over this oh so slow 12/8 blues. Can’t be accused of shredding cause you only played one note! You can really draw the licks out here and show the world your slow and tasty side. Or let it rip; it’s your solo, your spotlight so do what feels right. The minor pentatonic, the blues scale and various major pentatonic and Mixolydian scales will drive the blues away.


Easy Town Classic medium shuffle 12-bar bluesYou’ll make it look easy as you go to town, effortlessly burning through your bag o’ licks. You can play it laid back, but you know you’ll want to pull out all the stops and show them what you got. The classic minor pentatonic and blues scale can more than get the job done, but you may want to enlighten the masses with an occasional major pentatonic scale and perhaps even tease them with some slick Mixolydian licks.


Jazz Cowboy Country swing 12-bar blues,

They’ll call you the jazz cowboy (or girl), after you get through laying your twang-tinged bop lines over this swinging country blues. The minor and major pentatonic, the blues scale and some Mixolydian scales will help you through the changes. Maybe even try some diminished and altered dominant scales, but don’t forget you big city slicker, you’re still in the country.


Lizard Lounge Jazz swing feel 12-bar blues with more chord changes. Classic jazz quartet playing jazz changes for the blues. You can be-bop, or just play it cool, but you are definitely allowed to wear sunglasses at night. The minor pentatonic, the blues scale and various major pentatonic and Mixolydian scales will help you through the changes. There is even room for some diminished and altered dominant scales, but don’t forget, it’s still the blues.


No Whip Frap 12-bar 3-4 time blues with a swinging jazz waltz feel ala Allman Brothers. You’ll have no problem whipping out some stinging blues licks over this jazz waltz/rock/blues hybrid groove so popular among a few Southern boys. Just when the audience is getting used to the minor pentatonic blues scale burn, lash out with a Dorian minor assault and let them know who’s going to dispense the discipline around here.


Sit Up Sue 24-bar blues with a cut time country train feel. There won’t be no lying down after this track starts. Bring out that Tele and crank up the treble because this up- tempo straight ahead country feel will bring the chicken pickin’ right out of you. Be the King of Twang, the Czar of Country, and the Master of the Telecaster. Spit out those tricky steel guitar bends combined with daring double stops and lightning fast runs using tons of major pentatonic scales. For added grease and honky tonk you need to throw in the blues and Mixolydian scales.






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