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Bluesified Outlaw Country

Working Man


In the world of marketing there never seems to be a lack of superlatives and hyperbole to describe a new artist and their music.

We've all heard exaggerated claims and gushing reviews about someone or another "This Next Big Thing is a jaw dropping, unique and original blend of polka, rap, metal and didgeridoo music that is simultaneously innovative, groundbreaking, and awe inspiring!" and then upon first listen you're wtf what am I missing?

Mark Edward Fitchett presents on Working Man an album of 10 basic three (Okay maybe an extra one or two) chord songs that are a little rock/blues and a little country/folk.

Simple, melodic and lyrically to the point these songs are "jaw dropping, unique and... "oops never mind they are just good tunes and we hope you enjoy them.



The reclusive underground art rock band Reason By Insanity has re-released The God Album. Originally put out in 2002 it was quickly pulled from the market due to numerous threats and legal hassles.

With all the legal issues behind them as well as 24/7 armed security The God Album is now seeing the light of day. Thank God! (Just kidding.)

What if my God’s not the same as your god? Then lineup heathens and march yourselves straight into hell. This universe is not big enough for more than the one true deity. We can’t all be right so you must be wrong. We've made the right choice and He’s on our side so get over it!

For some reason even though painfully obvious to the uninitiated, rationality and reason seems to fly over the heads of the severely indoctrinated.

There are so many things that make religion bad. Reason By Insanity nails it with thought provoking art rock that delves into the contradictions of religious belief and how people can interpret it to justify almost any end.

The God album explores many of the inner and outer challenges that people have had with religion. It is a questioning observation that demands answers and challenges one not to hide behind faith if and when logic fails.

With soaring majestic arrangements punctuated by intense melodic guitar solos and deep lyrical content it would be hard for this album not to appeal to fans of classic artists like Bauhaus, David Bowie and Pink Floyd.


Cult Of The Wrong Note

Cult Of The Wrong Note is a high powered, progressive instrumental rock quartet from Southern California that has opted to take a detour from the "formula" mainstream and create something that is decidedly their own.

Subscribing to an "everything-including-the-kitchen-sink" philosophy, CWN's music, both in writing and improvision, reflects the diverse and eclectic influences of each band member.

The resultant mesh of four distinct musical personalities has produced a unique and often unpredictable sound.

Cult Of The Wrong Note's self-titled CD on Screwloose Records displays the band's many facets.

From soulful ballads to uptempo rock numbers (like the bkues/gospel tinged "The Last Time" or the burning rock/jazz samba "It's Latin To Me"), they've captured many moods and styles.

Also included on this disc is their hard rock guitar-soaked version of The Beatles' classic "Strawberry Fields Forever" (which may prove to be a little too heavy for the elevator and dentist office).






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"On his latest release, Mark Fitchett presents his hybrid take on country music by fusing multiple aspects of classic country, rockabilly, blues, jazz and good-time rock & roll... this genre-bending collection of original songs is destined to become a must-have classic in anyone's music library!" Todd Edwards

"Mark Fitchett has always had a reputation as an amazing guitarist, but on this latest release he demonstrates that he is equally as adept in the singer/songwriter mode."


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