Mark Fitchett Reviews

The Mike Kinal Tele


Sound Only

What a fantastic guitar. Great tone, great sustain and feels really comfortable in my hand. It's a pretty versatile axe, I had no problem playing different styles on it. On this video I go through some blues, funk/rock, country, solo chordal style, and straight ahead jazz just to see what she could do. Also you'll notice I keep flipping the 3-position switch which affects the front pickup and the combination of the front and back pickup (but not the back). I was demonstrating all seven of the great tones at my disposal. Special thanks to the Band-In-A-Box rhythm section.

If there was any problem it was in the performer not in the guitar! I played through a modified Fender Super Champ with a little spring reverb and miked it with a Marshall (I think) condenser mic. The only thing I can say about that is that it would've sounded a little fatter in the jazz stuff with a 12" speaker or two. But still, it sounds pretty good with 15 watts and a 10" speaker. The sound quality suffered slightly when I compressed the video into the flash format for the web. I may try another post with great audio and crappy video in the future or maybe an mp3 of just the sound.

The overdrive is built into the amp and it also has a master volume.

Guitar Specs:

Alder Body

Maple Neck

Honduran Rosewood Top

Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard


Bartolini PRF - Front

Lindy Fralin - Lead