Pro Band Backing Tracks

Includes chord charts with tempo and key change options

Now with suggested scales and fingerings

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What if someone told you they could easily teach you how to play 100 consistent, structured awesome sounding blues/rock licks? How about a 1000 or 10,000, but why stop there? This insane ground-breaking little app can show you how to play 1,000,000+ licks!

  • Mastering the Minor Pentatonic Volume 1: Emi pentatonic soloing licks in all 5 positions/patterns info
  • Mastering the Mixolydian Volume 1: E Mixolydian soloing in all 5 positions/patterns (info)
  • Blues & Rock Bends (info)
  • Blues Rhythm Slides (info)
  • Blues Turnarounds in all keys (info)

Pro Bass

  • 25 Shuffle Blues Bass Lines
  • 25 Slow Blues Bass Lines
  • 25 Funk Blues Bass Lines
  • 25 Rock Blues Bass Lines



Pro Scales all positions

  • Emi Pentatonic Scale
  • E Blues Scale
  • E Major Pentatonic Scale
  • E Mixolydian Scale

Coming Soon!

  • Blues Licks
  • More Rock








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Why the Minor Pentatonic Scale?

One of the first stops on the road to blues and rock soloing mastery is the minor pentatonic scale,

a must have staple in every soloist’s arsenal. Regardless of the fact that there are many scale choices,

this particular scale works so well over so many different styles and chord changes, that it is some times

referred to as a blanket scale.

Even in non-minor chord situations as in the case of innumerable guitar-driven songs, the minor pentatonic is the primary sound. You will hear it over and over again in countless legendary recordings and performances throughout the history of rock and blues guitar. E is also one of the most popular keys on the guitar and often the first place many guitarists learn to solo in.