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Emi Pentatonic & Beyond

Individual tracks & bundles.

16 Rock & Blues styles.


Blues Volume 1

8 blues tracks from Emi Pentatonic and beyond


Blues Volume 2

Blues Styles


Blues Volume 3

Acoustic Blues


The Other Blues 1


The Other Blues 2

The Ultimate Blues Collection
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Eclectic Tracks
Jazz ii-V-I Trainer

Blues Bass

27 tracks minus bass


Blues Drums

27 tracks minus drums

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Other Blues #1 and #2 and the Ultimate Blues Package


What a Deal!

51 of the blues tracks from:

Blues Volume 1

8 Blues Tracks from E minor Pentatonic Collection: $3.99 value

Blues Volume 2

18 Tracks: $5.99 value

Blues Volume 3 Acoustic Blues

8 Tracks: $3.99 value

Other Blues 1

9 Tracks: $3.99 value

Other Blues 2

8 Tracks: $3.99 value

Total (if you bought these collections individually) $21.95

But wait! (We love saying this) there's more.

Bonus Blues Backing Tracks

5 Tracks: only available in this collection.

All The Good Jobs Are Gone

T-Bone Walker Style Shuffle

Go Home Baby

Funky Soul Jazz

I Can't Find The Bridge

James Brown Style Funk

The Condo Is Rocking

SRV Rock

Two-Five Blues

Slower Jazz Blues

That's a total of 56 Tracks for $12.99