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Listen to Mark play along with his tracks

Why the Minor Pentatonic Scale?

One of the first stops on the road to blues and rock soloing mastery is the minor pentatonic scale, a must have staple in every soloist’s arsenal. Regardless of the fact that there are many scale choices, this particular scale works so well over so many different styles and chord changes, that it is some times referred to as a blanket scale.

Even in non-minor chord situations as in the case of innumerable guitar-driven songs, the minor pentatonic is the primary sound. You will hear it over and over again in countless legendary recordings and performances throughout the history of rock and blues guitar. E is also one of the most popular keys on the guitar and often the first place many guitarists learn to solo in.

What if I Want To Play in Other Keys or Change Tempos?

Easy! Even though E is the original key these tracks were recorded, there is an option to change the key up or

down, and to slow down or speed up each track.

Why use Pro Band Backing Tracks?

Get the amazing experience of playing along with pro-musicians on a wide range of blues & rock styles

with these high quality, professionally produced tracks. They have been produced with real live studio

musicians, so the feel is real.

Pro Band Backing Tracks/E minor Pentatonic Soloing Collection (and Beyond)

Featuring 16 tracks of assorted blues and rock styles where you can use the E minor pentatonic as the primary scale to solo with and immediately sound great.


All tracks are available as 99 cent singles, so go ahead and pick and choose any ones you’d like. But if you really want to save some dough, you’ll get one of the pre-packaged sets of eight for $3.99 and each track will come out to about 1/2 the price of a single.

But more than likely the rocking rebel in you says “I can take on the world so what’s 16 tracks? Bring it on baby!” So go for it, throw caution to the wind and save big at the same time. When you buy all 16 for $5.99, each track comes out to about 1/3 of the price of a single. I’ll see you backstage.

Also recommended is Mark's

My Video Lessons: Whole Neck Soloing Concepts: E minor pentatonic

Some very cool concepts and lick to further your pentatonic shredding.

These tracks are designed to loop on your i phone (without Mark's solos of course).

Downloads of 5 minute versions with a count-off & ending will be available as well.

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