Available Tracks

Emi Pentatonic & Beyond

Individual tracks & bundles.

16 Rock & Blues styles.


Blues Volume 1

8 blues tracks from Emi Pentatonic and beyond


Blues Volume 2

Blues Styles


Blues Volume 3

Acoustic Blues


The Other Blues 1


The Other Blues 2

The Ultimate Blues Collection
Modes Trainer
Eclectic Tracks
Jazz ii-V-I Trainer

Blues Bass

27 tracks minus bass


Blues Drums

27 tracks minus drums



















Includes tempo change + chord charts in every key




Rocking Mode Jam

A Ionian

A Dorian

A Phrygian

A Lydian

A Mixolydian

A Aeolian

A Locrian

Slow Mode Jam

G Ionian

G Dorian

G Phrygian

G Lydian

G Mixolydian

G Aeolian

G Locrian

Funky Mode Jam

E Ionian

E Dorian

E Phrygian

E Lydian

E Mixolydian

E Aeolian

E Locrian



Many backing tracks are available individually at 99 cents.

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If you are a musician who is learning to improvise, there is nothing greater than jamming with live musicians.

However, when your band is not available when the you feel like throwing down some licks Pro Band backing tracks

is the answer. It's like a band in your pocket..