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Pump up you’re your blues bass playing skills with Pro-Band backing tracks minus the bass. Featuring classic blues chord progressions and grooves, these jams will work you out in various shuffles, slow 12/8, funk, rock, swing, country, New Orleans styles and more.

There are no midi sequencers or synthesizers on these tracks; every instrument is played by real musicians on actual instruments so the feel is real. All that’s left is for you to add those killer bass parts to complete the mix.

These examples have bass and lead guitar on them. The purchased tracks have no bass and no lead guitar.


Bass: Country 1

12-bar blues with a cut-time country train groove.

You know it’s working when you dig into those tasty down home licks on this up-tempo country train beat meets the blues. Corresponds with Pro Band: It’s Workin’


Bass: Country 2

24-bar blues with a cut time country train feel.

There won’t be no sittin’ down after this track starts. Lay down classic root-5th lines or walk it and rock it. Corresponds with Pro Band: Sit Up Sue (blues volume 2)


Bass: Country Rock

12 bar blues in an outlaw country rock feel.

You are a bad ****d bass-guitar slinger, ain’t nobody better mess with you when you start throwing down the hot licks and laying down the law of the blues on this country rock blues track. Corresponds with Pro Band: Showdown In Bluesville (E Minor Pentatonic Collection)


Bass: Country Rock 2

12-bar blues with a country rock/honky tonk groove.

No one is going to mess with you after you get through pumping out those Southern-fried country rock bass riffs on this rocking, honky tonkin’ country blues track. Corresponds with Pro Band: Boogie Country (blues volume 2)


Bass: Country Swing

Country swing 12-bar blues.

They’ll call you the jazz cowboy (or girl), after you get through laying your walking bop lines over this swinging country blues. Corresponds with Pro Band: Jazz Cowboy (blues volume 2)


Bass: Funk 1

Minor 12 bar blues in a funk /rhythm and blues style.

You’re crying on the inside but this track makes you wanna dance. It’s a soulful minor blues stew; R&B with a dash of funk, and all you gotta do is just add some of your tasty grooves to spice things up. Corresponds with Pro Band: The Bill Isn't Gone (E Minor Pentatonic Collection)


Bass: Funk 2

12-bar blues with a rock/funk groove.

Lay down the funk and don’t shy away from the groove. Show some soul on this funk blues tune and watch your funk bring the audience to their feet. It’s OK to dance while you jam because everyone else will be.

Corresponds with Pro Band: Funk You Very Much (E Minor Pentatonic Collection)


Bass: Funk 3

12-bar blues with a rock/funk groove.

Who’s funky now? That’s right you are! Add some rhythmic syncopation to your already tasteful lines over this rhythmic rock-funk-blues track. You are in da’ house and everyone knows it so flaunt it baby. Corresponds with Pro Band: Rock The Funk (blues volume 2)


Bass: Jazz Waltz

12-bar 6/8 time blues (counted in 2) with a swinging jazz waltz feel ala Allman Brothers.

You’ll have no problem walking all over this jazz waltz/rock/blues hybrid groove so popular among a few Southern boys. Corresponds with Pro Band: No Whip Frap (blues volume 2)


Bass: Jazzy 1

Minor 12 bar blues in a swing jazz style.

Imagine your flowing bass lines over this cool laid back minor swing jazz blues. It’s after midnight and everyone is mellow so you can lay back and leave some space. Corresponds with Pro Band: Jazz Cat E Minor Pentatonic Collection)


Bass: Jazzy 2

Jazz swing feel 12-bar blues with more chord changes.

Classic jazz changes for the blues. You can be-bop, or just play it cool, but you are definitely allowed to wear sunglasses at night.

Corresponds with Pro Band: Lizard Lounge

(blues volume 2)


Bass: Jump Blues

Up-tempo 12-bar blues shuffle.

Go up town, wear sunglasses at night, and hang out with all the cool cats. Throw down some tasty down-home walking lines on this jumpin’ jazz blues shuffle and show everyone your roots. But you know it won’t be long before the crowd knows you’ve moved to the big city when you start tearing into some slick jazz riffs. Corresponds with Pro Band: Swingin' Uptown (E Minor Pentatonic Collection)


Bass: Latin Bossa

12-bar blues with a Bossa Nova groove, a favorite of the soul jazz set.

Play it laid back and in the pocket on this Latin jazz influenced Bossa Nova groove. Corresponds with Pro Band: Bossa da’ Blues (blues volume 2)


Bass: Latin Rhumba

12-bar blues with a rock/rhumba/Latin groove. BB King uses this one often.

Your baby may lie to you but there ain’t no denying the truth of the blues when you are grooving over this Latin jazz influenced Rhumba groove. Corresponds with Pro Band: Lie To Me (blues volume 2)",


Bass: New Orleans 1

12-bar blues with a hybrid funk New Orleans groove.

Even the alligators will sit up and take notice (just don’t let them get too close), when you get down and dirty on this swampy hybrid New Orleans groove. Corresponds with Pro Band: Alligator Juice (blues volume 2)


Bass: New Orleans 2

12-bar blues with a classic New Orleans front line groove.

You’re down in New Orleans and its party time! Get the folks dancing in the streets as you strut your stuff over this classic New Orleans “second line” groove. Corresponds with Pro Band: Mumbo Gumbo (blues volume 2)


Bass: Rock 1

12-bar blues with a 50's Elvis shuffle rock groove.

You ain’t nothin’ but a blues dog, wailin’ all the time. Thump out those legendary 50’s lines and let them know you know your history. Corresponds with Pro Band: Blue Dog (blues volume 2)


Bass: Rock 2

Driving 12 bar rock blues.

When it’s time to party, nothing beats a simple straight ahead driving rock blues groove. Think of Chuck Berry, and all of the artists he has influenced; The Rolling Stones, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, Springsteen, Hendrix, need I say more? You can let the good times roll and be the life of the jam session when you pound out all of your classic blues rock bass lines. Corresponds with Pro Band: Johnny B. Bad (E Minor Pentatonic Collection)


Bass: Shuffle 1

Medium tempo 12 bar blues shuffle.

Put on your suit, hat and sunglasses, jump in your black ‘59 Cadillac, and head up to the South side of town with your brothers in blues. This swinging medium-tempo blues shuffle will make the folks in that nightclub feel real good. Corresponds with Pro Band: You Didn't Leave Me (E Minor Pentatonic Collection)


Bass: Shuffle 2

Quick IV medium up tempo 12 bar blues shuffle.

Everyone will know you are “in da’ house” when they hear you walk all over this up-tempo shuffle. Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, BB King… (The list doesn’t stop), have created legendary music in this classic blues feel. Corresponds with Pro Band: Stevie’s House (E Minor Pentatonic Collection)


Bass: Shuffle 3

Classic medium shuffle 12-bar blues.

You’ll make it look easy as you go to town, effortlessly walking up and down the neck. You can play it laid back, but you know you’ll want to pull out all the stops and show them what you got. Corresponds with Pro Band: Easy Town (blues volume 2)


Bass: Shuffle 4

12-bar blues with a rock/funk groove.

A classic blues shuffle riff but now it’s your turn to show the world what you can do on this favorite of so many blues artists. It’s got your name written all over it, now own it! Corresponds with Pro Band: Whose Riff (blues volume 2)


Bass: Slow 1

Slow 12-bar blues in a 12/8 feel.

You woke up this mornin’? You’re baby left you for someone new? Hold it together with full-toned solid melodic bass runs and you won’t be cryin’ no more. Corresponds with Pro Band: Flooding Down in my Basement  (E Minor Pentatonic Collection)


Bass: Slow 2

12-bar blues with a really slow 12-8 feel.

Well you’re baby ain’t there no more so just get over it and lay down some thick juicy slow blues lines.

Corresponds with Pro Band: Blue House (blues volume 2)


Bass: Slow 3

12-bar minor blues with a 12-8 feel.

When everything’s gone bad, and you really need to cry the blues nothing beats a slow minor 12/8 feel.

Corresponds with Pro Band: All The Sad Songs (blues volume 2)


Bass: Slow 8-Bar

8-bar blues with a slow 12-8 feel

This slow 8-bar blues is a perfect place to hold down the fort with a simple but solid line.

Corresponds with Pro Band: Key To The Bathroom (blues volume 2)


Bass: Slow 16-Bar

Slow 16-bar blues with a 12-8 feel ala Muddy Waters

Spell bad, say B, say A, say D, what’s that spell? Bad! You are one bad-a**ed cat and everybody will know who you are after you finish throwing down your vintage bass lines over this traditional 16 bar slow blues progression. Corresponds with Pro Band: Dirty Rivers (blues volume 2)
























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